Friday, June 1, 2012

My lazy post on conditioning

I haven't been here much lately as life has been very busy for a few weeks. I had been trying to write something on conditioning and aerobics because the subject has been coming up a lot at work lately. However, Anthony Mychal has beaten me to it. One of the other users on the Dan John Q&A forum shared this a PDF from Mr. Mychal and it's absolutely excellent.

While he approaches the subject as a debunking of the HIIT craze, he's not attacking HIIT directly. Instead he goes after the myths that surround it and reveals HIIT to be exactly what it is, the training of one of the body's three energy pathways and not the path to ultimate athletic performance. In his wrap-up he goes on to show how in the world of human performance, everything varies by context, reminding us again that there is no one single path or one goal that does everything.

While some of his points chafed against long treasured beliefs of mine they are well supported and you can't dismiss them out of hand. Absolutely wonderful stuff, bookmarked, saved to my hard drive and printed off.

Without further ado: The Myth of HIIT

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